While we are a fellowship primarily serving those working in healthcare in Boston, we understand that part of God's calling for the whole church is to make disciples and bring whole-person healing among all ethnic groups (see Matthew 28:18-20). To that end, we want to participate in God's global mission by using our gifts and training in various healthcare fields to serve people across the world, often in partnership with local churches or mission/service organizations.

Below you will find a few different ways to be involved, mostly through short term mission trips (though BHF, CMDA, or local churches). We are always looking for more ways to participate more fully in what God is doing across the globe, so please feel free to suggestion new opportunities you'd like listed here. We value your prayers as we move forward in obedience to the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. Join us!


Short-Term Trips


Global and Local Organizations



Some sites list short-term medical missions trips. Check out "Medical Missions" Personal Snapshot (below) to search according to your profession and interests. Consider attending the Global Missions Health Conference.


Local Service Opportunities


Email boston@healthcarefellowship.org for more information on these, or to suggest new opportunities to serve.