We exist to serve those in the healthcare field in Boston in the name of Jesus for the glory of God.


The Boston Healthcare Fellowship exists to serve the Christian healthcare community in Boston by providing fellowship, education and mentorship for those training in diverse fields such as clinical medicine, public health, nursing, research, dentistry, and physical therapy.

As brothers and sisters within biomedical research and health care, we desire to follow Jesus as we seek to alleviate human suffering and promote health in His name. We are working together as students, clinicians, researchers and educators to serve faithfully in the university, community and global mission fields. Our common tasks in all of these arenas and initiatives are:

  1. To root our identity in Christ;
  2. To train ourselves to be clinicians, researchers and educators in Christ’s name; and
  3. To enable others to do the same.

Interested in getting plugged into a small group? Visit our Connect page or email our director.