Please join us for a meal.


We want to creates spaces for healthcare professionals and trainees to (1) create meaningful relationships with others in their field and (2) dialogue about how faith in Jesus relates to the practice of healthcare. To that end we host a dinner and discussion on the third Friday of every month.

Meetings are usually at Harvard Medical School, JBM Lounge in Vanderbilt Hall, from 6:30-8:30pm, unless otherwise indicated. Childcare is provided and RSVP is appreciated (see below). Here are our upcoming meetings and speakers: 

April 26th (not the third Friday): Ray and Gloria White Hammond, two doctors who switched over and became pastors of the Bethel AME church in Boston will be sharing about their experiences and their unique insights into the crossroads of healthcare and faith.

Ray is a Harvard Medical School graduate and was a surgeon. Gloria is a Tufts Medical School graduate and was a pediatrician. Find out more about Ray and Gloria by clicking on their names and bringing up their biographies. If you do, you will probably be surprised at how much they have done!

May 17th: Michael Balboni MDiv, PhD. Michael will be sharing about the ideas he and Tracy wrote about in their recent book, Hostility to Hospitality. He and Tracy advocate for restructuring how medicine is done in hospitals and clinics.

June: No dinner, get out and enjoy summer while you can!

July 19th: TBD

August 16th: Welcome dinner for those new to Boston and a reunion for those who have been around awhile! Get the opportunity to meet different people and hear more about BHF and the vision for the next year.

September 20th: TBD

October 18th: Whole Person Care Conference Opening Night/Dinner.

November 15: Chris Manasseh, MD. Interim Chair, Department of Family Medicine at BMC. He will be sharing from his experiences working at BMC and about opportunities he has had to share his faith, primarily with patients.

Check out the Recordings page to listen to speakers you missed or want to revisit.


JBM Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall, Harvard Medical School (107 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115)