We exist to serve those in the healthcare field in Boston in the name of Jesus for the glory of God.


The Boston Healthcare Fellowship exists to serve the Christian healthcare community in Boston by providing fellowship, education and mentorship for those training in diverse fields such as clinical medicine, public health, nursing, research, dentistry, and physical therapy.

As brothers and sisters within biomedical research and health care, we desire to follow Jesus as we seek to alleviate human suffering and promote health in His name. We are working together as students, clinicians, researchers and educators to serve faithfully in the university, community and global mission fields. Our common tasks in all of these arenas and initiatives are:

  1. To root our identity in Christ;
  2. To train ourselves to be clinicians, researchers and educators in Christ’s name; and
  3. To enable others to do the same.

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Our vision is to reunite faith and healthcare, in line with God's intention of bringing holistic healing to the whole world.

To do that, we aim to support and train Christians in health related fields to:

  • Vibrantly follow Jesus
  • Think about healthcare fields in terms of Christ & Church
  • Leverage healthcare training for missions
  • Connect Christian mentors to trainees
  • Integrate their faith and vocation as worship



Let me welcome you to Boston Healthcare Fellowship. My name is Charles Kopp, and I am the Director of Boston Healthcare Fellowship. I moved to Boston from Alaska this past year to pursue a Masters of Medical Science at Boston University. When I arrived, I searched for a community where I could find other Christians who had the same passion for medicine and mission. I had heard about BHF from a friend and decided to attend one of their events.


I discovered a wonderful group of vibrant believers seeking to be Christians first and foremost. Keeping Christ at the center of our lives in the academic environment of Boston is challenging. I found men and women who have kept the faith and finished the race of medical, dental, and research training. The members of BHF seek to grow deeper relationships within the community and reach out to the Boston area through service.


As you pursue whatever the Lord is calling you to, I encourage you to consider joining our fellowship and finding others to help you in your walk of faith. We look forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about our fellowship by sending us an email to the address at the bottom of the page. God Bless! 

Boston Healthcare Fellowship

1 Park Street
Boston, MA 02108





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