Boston Healthcare Fellowship's Faith and Work Cohort

organized in cooperation with Boston Fellows



A community of Christian healthcare professionals gathering together to deepen their faith, learn about Christian perspectives on healthcare, and develop a stronger sense of calling.


What is BHF's Faith and Work Cohort?
It is a short-term program designed for Christians working in healthcare and who are interested in committing to learn how to integrate faith and work, while growing closer to the Lord in a community of fellow believers. It will consist of a "camp-in" on October 6-7, eight two-hour weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings, daily devotional practices (~15 mins), and weekly readings (~1 hour).

Why should I sign up for it?
In church, you get to read the Bible with other Christians. In your profession, you get to talk about healthcare issues with colleagues. In this cohort, you get to discuss the integration of both the Bible and healthcare with fellow believers who work in similar fields. You will also have the opportunity to deepen your faith by practicing spiritual disciplines in the context of a loving community.

What will we study?
The Faith and Work Cohort will move from biblical and theological foundations for work and cultural engagement, to Christian perspectives on healthcare, to specific issues and applications in healthcare. To do this, we will study a variety of biblical and theological texts, including contemporary articles on vocation, ethics, and issues in healthcare. The cohort will begin by reading Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf and and will move on to articles by Stanley Hauerwas, Michael Balboni, and others. Weekly readings will be approximately 20 pages. 

How much will it cost?
Tuition is $95 (+$2.99 to download a devotional app) and includes all materials, "camp in" costs, and operational expenses. Partial scholarships may be available for full-time students or other cases where financial need may restrict people from participating.

How can I apply? 
Click here and scroll down to "Apply." 

What if I have a question?
Email Andrew Fassett at